Smart Livestock Practices Global Standard
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Improved animal care and welfare

Global S.L.P.
Animal Welfare Standard

The establishment of criteria for animal welfare which go beyond legal requirements, and which define the contents of complementary and voluntary add-on assessments for livestock certificate holders. The criteria developed are science based, feasible, economically viable and auditable.

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Essential in the Production Chain, fostering Sustainability

Animal welfare is critical in the entire production chain, spanning industries, farm sizes, and species.

We demonstrate the role of animal welfare in sustainable development and its profound impact on global livelihoods. We promote and develop best practices while sharing practical examples and evidence of its contribution to sustainable animal management and production.

Sustainable agricultural practices are essential to successful and responsible business development. Animal welfare is a critical component of this and is very much in the minds of our customers and stakeholders. Their expectations go often beyond legal requirements. The voluntary Add-on on animal welfare is highly welcomed as a tool to help to monitor animal welfare practices that go beyond legislation at farm level
Norbert Rank,

Quality Lead Poultry, McDonald's Europe, and Chairman of the GLOBAL G.A.P. Stakeholder Committee on Animal Welfare


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