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Initiatives for Safer Practices

Sustainable Livestock

GLOBAL S.L.P. Academy stands as a pivotal arm of GLOBAL S.L.P.’s capacity-building initiatives. Our array of specific, up-to-date, scientifically-based courses are available online and in various global locations. These courses are instrumental in furthering our mission to promote the global uptake of safer and more sustainable livestock practices.

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Why choose GLOBAL S.L.P.
Livestock Academy?

The GLOBAL S.L.P. Livestock Academy provides a diverse range of training types, catering to various preferences. Whether seeking standardized public courses or customized sessions for private groups, our Academy caters to your needs.

GLOBAL S.L.P. Livestock Academy Highlights

Key Component

of GLOBAL S.L.P. Capacity Building Initiatives.

Connects you

with over 10 master trainers proficient in 5+ languages


Diverse Training Options

including public and private courses, and certification body training

Multitude of courses

in more than 15 countries on 5 continents

Facilitating public access courses

to learn about the GLOBAL S.L.P. system.

Platform for Registered Trainers

 to list independent producer training

Benefits of GLOBAL S.L.P.
Livestock Academy Courses

1 - Access to trusted,...
… up-to-date information directly from the source.
2 - High-quality instruction...
… from rigorously vetted master trainers.
3 - Interactive learning environment...
… offering self-paced and trainer-led modules complemented by a virtual livestock experience.
4 - Supplemental training materials…
… provided post-class for enhanced learning.
5 - Support available from GLOBAL S.L.P. Academy…
… fstaff even after course completion for up to 30 days.
6 - Small group sizes …
… for an optimized learning experience (maximum 15 participants)
7 - Flexible learning programs …
… in various languages – private or public, online, or on-site .
8 - GLOBAL S.L.P. branded certificate …
… issued upon course completion.

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Our Master Trainers

Led by an international team of qualified master trainers employed or contracted by GLOBAL S.L.P.

All trainers possess:

  • Extensive experience in delivering science-based training.
  • Thoroughly vetted and continually evaluated for quality instruction.
  • Regularly updated with insights from the GLOBAL S.L.P. Secretariat.

Level up your expertise in livestock smart practices

What kind of training courses
are available at the Academy?

The GLOBAL S.L.P. Livestock Academy offers comprehensive courses to enhance your understanding of responsible livestock practices and certification. With diverse training options conducted by highly qualified trainers, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace.


Public Training Courses

Explore our standardized courses, including Integrated Farm Managment (IFM) and the Global Smart Livestock Practices. These courses, developed by our expert team, are conducted by our master trainers.


Private Group Sessions

Transform any of our courses or webinars into personalized training sessions for your organization. Collaborate with our specialists to craft tailored solutions meeting your specific requirements. All private sessions are created by our Academy team and delivered by our master trainers.

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Livestock Training by Recognized Consultants

Recognized Consultant are expert professionals in the field of livestock management, vetted and endorsed by GLOBAL S.L.P. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the GLOBAL S.L.P. system, they conduct autonomous courses using authorized training materials, aiding producers in obtaining GLOBAL S.L.P. certification. These sessions are listed in the producer training catalog section, but are conducted and managed directly by the Recognized Consultants.


The Global Livestock Standard

Improving a Standard, offering solutions for a large community of Producers, Certification Bodies, Consultants and Members.



Certification Bodies